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Attorney Jennifer L. DeLoach Unders..

Attorney Jennifer L. DeLoach Understands the Many Legal Issues that a Family Can Face. She Offers Compassionate & Experienced Legal Counsel Regardless of the Situation, by Fostering Relationships Through Effective Communication.

Q: After high school, where did you feel your career path would take you?  JD: As a small child and all the way through high school, I aspired to become a novelist. I was always a big reader, and still am. I wanted to write historical fiction, especially, and in college I majored in history and English. It wasn’t ..

As a Former Prosecutor, She has a G..

As a Former Prosecutor, She has a Great Deal of Experience in Criminal & Immigration Defense. She’s Experienced, Respected & Gets Results! Meet Atlanta Attorney, Meighan L. Vargas

Q: Why did you decide to attend law school? MV: Law is a calling for me. I love trial practice and some of the puzzles we have to solve. So, I decided I wanted to attend and then move on to help people using my education and skills. It sounds cliché but it’s absolutely true, to this day. Q: Share with us your ex..


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Hailed as One of Atlanta Metro’s To..

Hailed as One of Atlanta Metro’s Top Agents, Meet Realtor Debbie Faulkner. She Offers Unparalleled Market Expertise & Personal Service to Ensure You Make the Right Decision!

Q: What was your first job? And how did it shape or impact you?DF: My first job was at Six Flags Over GA. This job taught me how to grow outside my position and be intentional about learning the duties of other employees. I was able to work a lot of overtime because of my knowledge. In other words, be versatile and valuable. My dad said, “You can work a job but make sure to be valuable and devel..

An Atlanta Tradition of Giving Life..

An Atlanta Tradition of Giving Life to Your Dreams! A Conversation with Real Estate Agent, Tori Hughes

Q: After you graduated with a master’s in accounting from the University of Tennessee … what led you to relocate to Atlanta and pursue Real Estate as a career?TH: After graduation, I moved to Atlanta to start a career in accounting at Ernst & Young and later worked at Morgan Stanley in the Real Estate Fund Accounting Group. After taking time away from work to stay home with our young children, Ca..

With a Track Record That Speaks for..

With a Track Record That Speaks for Itself, Meet Atlanta Real Estate Agent, Lorraine Beato, Delivering Results, You Deserve!

Q: Share with us why you chose Real Estate as a career.LB: I would say that real estate chose me. I started as a college intern working on the mortgaged backed trading floor for Merrill Lynch. I will never forget my first day at Merrill Lynch when my boss sat me down to explain “the birth of a Ginnie Mae”. Little did I know that would lead me into a lifelong career in real estate. I’ve always ..


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Meet Atlanta Attorney,  Christina B..

Meet Atlanta Attorney, Christina Baugh, President for the Diverse Interests of Women Lawyers in Georgia

She Proudly Serves as President for the Diverse Interests of Women Lawyers in Georgia & Has Earned the Respect of Her Peers as One of the Top-Rated Attorneys in the Nation!Q: After high school, where did you feel your career path would take you?  CB: After high school, as I made it to college, I thought I was going to proceed to medical school, to be a pediatric cardiovascular surgeon. However, I..

Inspiring Women to Dream, Learn &am..

Inspiring Women to Dream, Learn & to Know They Can Become More! Meet Toni Washington, Fire Chief at Decatur Fire Department

Q: I presume there’s not many female Fire Chief’s in the United States. When the day arrived and you were to be promoted, can you share with us some of your thoughts? TW: There aren’t many female fire Chiefs in the United States. Remembering the day, I was promoted… I was in a meeting and I received the call offering me the job of Fire Chief with the City of Decatur. I felt so many emotions that..

Representing the Citizens of Distri..

Representing the Citizens of District 10 as an Established Community Leader, Meet Atlanta City Councilmember, Andrea L. Boone

Q: What advice do you have for young women who want to pursue a career in politics?AB: Get involved. Make your voice heard. Whether it is at a neighborhood meeting, a zoning board hearing, a school board meeting, volunteering for a candidate or organization that is advocating for an issue you care about, join in. You will meet people who inspire you and from whom you can learn. You will gain knowl..