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With Practical Wisdom & Trusted..

With Practical Wisdom & Trusted Advice, She Will Help You Resolve Your Legal Matter the Best Way Possible with Unbelievable Client Service. Meet Atlanta Attorney Kristal Holmes

Q: At age 16, what did you think your career path might be? KH: I always knew I would become some sort of professional. The father of one of my childhood friends is an attorney and as kids we would visit his office. I was always intrigued by his job. I remember as a young child researching in our family’s encycl..

She Volunteers, Fundraises & Ta..

She Volunteers, Fundraises & Takes on Beauty One Client at A Time! Meet Manuela Davis, Owner of Voilà Salon

Q: Can you share with our audience, how your journey in life brought you to Atlanta?MD: When I first came to the United States at age 20, I was fortunate to travel all over the United States. After a brief stay in Illinois, I visited Atlanta and fell in love with the Southern Charm. The People and the friendly Cli..


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An Atlanta Tradition of Giving Life..

An Atlanta Tradition of Giving Life to Your Dreams! A Conversation with Real Estate Agent, Tori Hughes

Q: After you graduated with a master’s in accounting from the University of Tennessee … what led you to relocate to Atlanta and pursue Real Estate as a career?TH: After graduation, I moved to Atlanta to start a career in accounting at Ernst & Young and later worked at Morgan Stanley in the Real Estate Fund Accounting Group. After taking time away from work to stay home with our young children, Ca..

With a Track Record That Speaks for..

With a Track Record That Speaks for Itself, Meet Atlanta Real Estate Agent, Lorraine Beato, Delivering Results, You Deserve!

Q: Share with us why you chose Real Estate as a career.LB: I would say that real estate chose me. I started as a college intern working on the mortgaged backed trading floor for Merrill Lynch. I will never forget my first day at Merrill Lynch when my boss sat me down to explain “the birth of a Ginnie Mae”. Little did I know that would lead me into a lifelong career in real estate. I’ve always ..

Just Because, You Can’t Control Wha..

Just Because, You Can’t Control What Life Throws at You, Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Control How to Handle it, Meet Jill Heineck, Cancer Survivor & Associate Broker, Realtor of Heineck & Company / Keller Williams Realty

Q: Can you share with us what made you decide to have a career in Real Estate? JH: I really fell into it, which sounds so funny to say. 18 months before the 1996 Olympics, the market was on fire, and some of our friends were investing in real estate, flipping, and making a killing. Both of us still working in our day jobs, decided that we would give it a try. Suffice it to say, it was a very expen..


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Inspiring Women to Dream, Learn &am..

Inspiring Women to Dream, Learn & to Know They Can Become More! Meet Toni Washington, Fire Chief at Decatur Fire Department

Q: I presume there’s not many female Fire Chief’s in the United States. When the day arrived and you were to be promoted, can you share with us some of your thoughts? TW: There aren’t many female fire Chiefs in the United States. Remembering the day, I was promoted… I was in a meeting and I received the call offering me the job of Fire Chief with the City of Decatur. I felt so many emotions that..

Representing the Citizens of Distri..

Representing the Citizens of District 10 as an Established Community Leader, Meet Atlanta City Councilmember, Andrea L. Boone

Q: What advice do you have for young women who want to pursue a career in politics?AB: Get involved. Make your voice heard. Whether it is at a neighborhood meeting, a zoning board hearing, a school board meeting, volunteering for a candidate or organization that is advocating for an issue you care about, join in. You will meet people who inspire you and from whom you can learn. You will gain knowl..

Believing in Her Dream & Hersel..

Believing in Her Dream & Herself, Meet Niesha Butler, Basketball Player, Actress & CEO of ScrapSports

Q: How old were you when you developed an interest in Basketball?NB: I was 9 years old.  My dad taught me.Q: You put up some amazing numbers in your high-school days … do you still hold records for points scored?NB: Yes, I do still hold the record for NYC men and women. (the men’s #1 changed though since I broke it, not Kenny Anderson anymore). Q: Tell us where life took you after you graduated fr..